1. How come Hogargilem solves a lot of problems?

    Hogargilem has a combination of natural herbal combinations at just the ratio to accurately transform the biological make up of anyone who takes it. Also because it mainly dissolves inflammations which is a major factor in all cases, it has diverse effects.

  2. How can I know my body will not reject this supplement?

    This is the one major advantage of Hogargilem: it is herbal and so the body readily absorbs it without any issues.

  3. How much is a bottle?

    Each bottle is just N3500.

  4. Where can I get one?

    Check Here for a list of all our distributors nationwide with their locations and contacts. You can also buy it online and have it shipped to you.

  5. How can I reach a doctor?

    You can easily drop a question and a doctor will get right back to you with an answer and where necessary, make recommendation of a hospital you can visit.

  6. How will my body respond to Hogargilem?

    The body will experience the following in the next 48hours:
    *Excess Urination
    *Body Weakness
    *Slight Temperature
    *Bowel Movement

    The above mustn’t concern you much as The Hogargilem Therapy is at work. Its resetting the Biological and Immune System. We all must agree that a system upgrade requires a system shutdown and restart 😉

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